Late 1928 Party for potential purchasers of a WurliTzer similar to

The Charles H. Ayars WurliTzer Pipe Organ, Installed 1928

The following information is from a newspaper article (Salem Standard and Jerseyman, 1928)

    " Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Ayars Entertain Guests from Cumberland County.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Ayars had a most delightful party on Monday evening at their home on Eighth Street. The guests were mostly from Greenwich, Mr. Ayars hometown, and numbered about eighty-five. They represented the Greenwich Presbyterian Church, where the congregation is considering the purchase of an organ similar to the one in the Ayars home.

The program was most entertaining and varied, Mr. Charles Wright of the Stanley Theatre, Bridgeton and Mrs. Clifford C. Glaspey were present and played solos on the organ. Their contributions were greatly enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Dennis, who recently moved to Greenwich from the west, sang two pleasing duets. Several of Mr. Ayars' old friends recited verses recalled from their younger days and Mrs. Ayars delighted her guests when she rendered two solos, while the host amused his friends with two humorous songs.

Since the Wurlitzer organ was installed last fall in this home, Mr. and Mrs. Ayars have entertained very close to eight hundred guests."

If anyone has information regarding the afore-mentioned organists,
Mr.Charles Wright and/or Mrs.Clifford C. Glaspey,
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