Organists, famous in their own countries, and Internationally
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Updated November 2013.

01. George Blackmore

Chatham, Kent, England. Died Feb 24th 1994
Theatre & Electric  Organs.
Resident organist: Capitol & Astoria Cinemas, Aberdeen, Scotland. 1950-1957.
Hammond Organ demonstrator U.K.
Representative for Conn, U.S.A.
Film music. Whistle Down The Wind & Charade.
Signature Tune: Cock O' The North. Composition 'The Highlander'.
Fellow of the Royal College of Organists.

Lost lower part of both legs and was fitted with artificial ones and  returned to play the organ

02. Bobby Pagan

Paisley, Scotland.
Theatre organs.
Residential organist: Palladium, Copenhagan, Capitol & Astoria cinemas, Aberdeen

03. Earnest Broadbent

Oldham, England Born 1910. Died 19th January 1994.
Theatre Pipe organs. Gaumont British cinema chain.
BBC and Blackpool Tower.
Resident organist at Regent Wurlitzer, Brighton.
Accompanist to Joseph Locke 1948-52.
Hammond organist at the Tower Lounge, Blackpool.
Resident organist at the Blackpool Tower Wurlitzer 1970-77
Signature Tune, For You.
Lost lower part of both legs but never returned to playing the organ

04. H. Robinson Cleaver

British Theater Organsist with many apperarances on Radio and recordings.

05. Charles Smart

Concert & Theatre pipe organs.
BBC Theatre Organ and recording artist.

06. Harold Smart

Hammond Organ
Son Of Charles Smart. Played Hammond in strict modern dance tempo and virtually with the same settings throughout, which became his own
'sound'  and was very popular. He made numerous recordings, stage and radio appearances.

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

07. Sandy MacPherson (Web site)

Theatre organs
U. K. Cinema Chains. BBC theatre organs.

08. Reginal Dixon

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities" 

Part One. Part Two.

10. Arnold Loxam

Born Bradford, Yorkshire, Engalnd, 1916. 
Theatre organ and recording artist, which includes the Blakpool Tower Wurlitzer. 2006 celebrates Arnold's 90th birthday and 60 years as a theatre
organist. See also: Happy Birthday, Arnold

Arnold on YouTube (Pt.2 of 3)

11. Harry Farmer/Chris Hamilton

Born 1912 in Wallsall, West Midnlands, England.  Died 1986. was a well known organist in Edmunton, Canada. 

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

12. William Davies


William Arthur Davies, organist, pianist and composer: Born at Bolton, Lancashire, England on the 26th of June 1921. Died at Hastings, East S
ussex, England of the  2nd of  March 2006.

An extremely versatile musician. Appeared on BBC musical programmes for many years. Produced many recordings and was a musical arranger,
conductor  and composer of numerous tunes and film music.

13. Ronald Curtis

Bolton, England.

From the Alan Ashton series Organ Celebrities"

14. Joseph Seal

Darwen, Lancashire, England.

From the series "Organ Celebrities)

15. Don Larusso

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

16. Lucien Hetu

Recording artist. Solo and with family

17. Ray Collignon (Update 8th March 2006)

Belgium organist. Strictly Hammond (Strict Tempo Medleys). Also was a band leader.

18. Klaus Wunderlich 

(1931- 1997) 

Famous German organist.  He played Hammond for many years, but then switched to Wersi.

Discology by Alan Ashton
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19. Cor Steyn
Dutch Hammond Organist. Radio and Television and numerous recordings.

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

20. Bryan Rodwell

Kieghley, Yorkshire, England. Died 1995. At home on pipes or electronic. Made his debut aged 10. Played for the ABC Cinema chain and featured
at the Ritz, Hereford and, the Granada Clapham, London. He was a demonstrator for Hammond and made recordings on the Hammond 'Concorde'
and was Product and Promotions Manager for Boosey & Hawkes.

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21. Raymond Wallbank (Photo Added October 2005)

Played at the North Peir Wurlitzer, Blackpool for 31 years and ocassions at the Tower Wurlitzer. He is a Blackpool organist in the grand tradition
of fellows' Earnest Broadbent, Horice Finch and Reginald Dixon. Raymond died in Feb. 2010 aged 77.

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

22. Horice Finch

He was the organist at the Empress Ballroom, Blackpool.  An injury to his hand forced him to take early retirement.  Made a number of 78rpm
recordings and was billed as Blackpool's 'Ace' organist.

23. John Woodhouse

Organist in Vienna, Austria.

24. George Seivewright

Show and cinema organist, Aberdeen, Scotland. Had his own band.

25. Juan Torres

He was the most famous Mexican organist and performed internationally.  He made early recordings on the Hammond B-3 and later recorded on
the Hammond X-66.  

With thanks to Alan Ashton for corrections to information and typos.

26. Wilbur Kentwell (1914-1981)

An Australian organist.

27. Gerhard Gregor

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

28. Jimmy Nairn & Noel Briggs

Edinburgh, Scotland.

From the Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

29. Aubrey Whelan & Laurie Wilson


From The Alan Ashton series "Organ Celebrities"

David Cross

An Australian organist who plays theatre and elecric organs. He is retired and lives in the Melbourne area. David has his own music room with a
number of organs and
recording equipment and plays for personal enjoyment accompanied at times by drummer Gerald Kavanaugh. Click on his name to go to a
dedication page.
With thanks to Bruce MacLean for letting us know about David. 


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