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As Edi Swan says, "Like Brigadoon, the Tivoli comes alive, once a year, and this is the day" and like magic the Tivoli came alive once again to music, song and laughter. And what a fantastic day! Soon after the doors opened there were over 1000 people in the theatre and around 2pm it was considered to possibly close the doors as so many people had turned up and the theatre was packed out. Last year they broke their previois record with over 2000 people but this year it turned out an even bigger record breaker when  3117 people passed through the doors and enjoyed six hours of grand entertainment, including guided tours of the building and teas, coffee, biscuts and cakes, which were served all day.

The atmosphere was fantastic, with everyone joining in celebrating the Tivoli's past as a Variety theatre and with genrous donations helped towards it's reopening, which it is hoped will not be too far in the future. With the announcement of the deal that is going ahead to allow the Steering Group to finally purcahse the building, the staff were also filled with the exitment of the day and from being greeted by three colourful Doormen to viewing the old theatre and being entertained by live perfomances the exitement was kept up throughout the day and time just seemed to fly past.

The cheery Doormen

The theatre was brightly lit and the boxes on both sides of the auditorium looked colourful. The top boxes contained coloured spot lights that were trained on centre stage to light up the performers. This year, Keith Donaldson had built a very nice procenium arch and an extra height staging so that all artists were nicely framed and lit and could be seen by the audiance and there was a nice sound system, which I am sure Edi appreciated as previously he had to shout all day long. 

The colourful left and righthand side boxes

The --- Male Singers did their act up in the Circle.

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