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The Castlehill Theatre Group take to the stage with excerpts from 'Rats', while the theatre staff sell home-baked biscuits and cakes,
sell fruit and vegitables and  register new members in the effort to raise funds

The young artist (right) who played Fagan in last year's excerpts from Oliver gave another excellent performance from 'Rats'



Below: the Leading Lights sing popular songs from film musicals


Below: The all Lady's C&W Group from Buchan give a very colourful performance

Craig Pike is proving very adapt at performing Cornkirsters in the true tradition

Craig is joined by the C&W Group for the finally of Lauder Songs 

And so the Tivoli goes quiet again and fades into the mist for another year. It was a joy to see the enthusiasm and the progress that another year has brought to both the Tivoli Steering
Group and in particular to the young artists from the Castlehill Group who have increased their presentations and once again everyone proved that there is more than enough
enthusasm, semi and professional performers to make the Tivoli  a successful venue once it is reopened. Anyone who doubts that or grudges the reopening, really should think again
and encourage the Steering Group towards reopening and offering an ideal venue for local professional, semi-professional and ametuer talent, which they can afford to use. If you
didn't get caught up in the magic and enthusiasm of the Doors Open Day then I suggest that you have perhaps forgotten about the hopes and dreams of youth and the need for society,
in general, to have enough openings for them to explore and hone their own style of artistry. The Tivoli would be ideal for this.

N.B. The Tivoli Steering Group now have a new web site address  The web site has been updated and includes more pictures from the Doors Open day plus new pictures
in the Old Photographs and Programmes sections.

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