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September 13th 2008

The 2008 Open Doors Day got off to a great start. The backroom team were all set for their rolls such as theatre guides, stall sellers and the membership-joining corner. From the stalls set
up where the orchestra pit was they were kept busy all day selling Tivoli paraphenalia to fruit & vegetables, home made confectionary and a raffle. It was virtually a sell out by the end of
the day.

The theatre tours are well worth the effort. You are taken around the whole building from the front to the back stage, up into the fly's and down to the lower dressing rooms and basement.
The guide gives details of the thetare's history. Even I managed to get in a couple of 'personal' tours showing people around whom I had got talking with over the day, which was very
enjoyable as it also allowed me to look around the theatre in depth, which always brings back fresh memories.

The day started off a little quiet with just over 1000 people attending by 1pm and we thought perhaps that we wouldn't even reach the record numbers of the previous two years. However
by 3.30pm the attendance not only reached last year's record-breaking figure of 3,200 but also broke them once again. This is a fantastic record to keep up and as Edi Swan said, none of
the many other sites open during the Doors Open Day could match those figures. Like Brigadoon the Tivoli comes alive one day every year and continues to prove that there is not only
many groups and individuals in Aberdeen who wish and plan a life in show business and a good few who will go onto become really great stars but that there is indeed an audience ready
and waiting for the day when the theatre is up and running again.

The present situation is that while funds have been made available to tackle many interior and exterior renovation, which is on-going the main point now is to actually purchase the
building, which will, then open up the real possibility of further grants, either from the National Lottery, Local Council or Government. This, of course, is up to the owner who we hope
understands the possibilities of the theatre being reopened and can come to a deal to everyone's satisfaction.

This time last year I mentioned the massive work that had begun on the new Guild Street project and it was interesting seeing the work already in progress today. It really is a hugh project
that should bring this rather run-down area to life and hopefully see numerous clean-up projects take place. Hopefully too, a reopened Tivoli will play its part in bringing people back to
this area. The new station rebuild is also progressing well and will help in brightening up this area.

Whatever, back to this report on he great fun-day at the Tivoli Doors Open day, which I hope that you enjoy viewing..................

The 1940's Lime (spotlight) Box. I remember this being built

One of the carbon arcs as left when the theatre shut down. The numerous controls at the rear may puzzle those who have never seen a carbon arc before. The long rods with the
knurled wheels at the end control the burning of the carbons. As seen here, the top carbon is pointed. Unseen, the bottom carbon is flat topped but with a centre curve, which
the top carbon burns into. The knurled wheels allow the carbons to lined up correctly to give the best possible burn, i.e. to give a smooth, bright white light. If the carbons start
burning to one side or the other the colour-balance will change, usually to a blue/purple colour. The operator has to fine-tune the carbons throughout their use. Likewise, as the
carbons burn their size is reduced and the gap between them will increase to the point where the arc will go out. Therefore, they have to be kept at the correct distance while

The bottom three rods with metal wheeled handles are for balancing up the whole contraption so that it is level in the first instance but then can be freely raised and lowered or
twisted to any angle that may be required. The lens can also be moved to either give a tight spot of light or to open up over a wide area. A wheel of coloured filters can be fixed
to the front of the lens allowing a nice mix of colours or various pattern wheels that can be spun to give different lighting effects.

The carbon arc transparency projector that was used for showing adverts during the intervals

Hidden up in the flys. The electric motor drive that raises and lowers the massive safety curtain.

The Stalls from the Circle during the first 30 minutes of opening the doors. The theatre seating was removed
and tables and chairs set up for the Bingo. It would be nice to see the seating replaced in the near future.

Crowds start to build up and are already settling in for the day's entertainment

J. H. Littlejohn author of the book "Tivoli Theatre"

The decorative ceiling and procenium. The four chandeliers with one unlit and the 'single' cleaner's lamp in the
centre. It would appear that these have not been replaced or cleaned since I last did them way back in 1963. 
However, this gives an excellent representation of the grand Frank Marcham theatre design

A view from ceiling to the stalls and the stage. From the gallery. Originally there
were three boxes each side. The top boxes were converted into decorative alcoves.
During a recent search of the building a 'secret' door and room was found behind the
alcove seen here

The live performances started off with Hazel Mair's The Vocal Inspirations and the day's events were
introduced and compared by Edi Swan, the leader of the Tivoli Steering Group

The Vocal Inspirations viewed from the Circle

And from the 'Gods' (Gallery)

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