Anatomy of a WurliTzer Theatre Pipe Organ

More Traps.

The Bass Drum/Kettle Drum unit remained as a seperate item so that was done.

This has a three stage action, like the Crash Cymbal, for the large Bass Drum beater and twin small beaters for the reiterating Kettle Drum action, using the same drum which is 30" x 12".

The main Toy Counter holds the Tambourine, Tap Cymbal and the Snare Drum/Tom Tom as seperate units plus the multi action assembly with the Train Whistle, Bird Whistle, Car Horn, Fire Gong, Horses Hooves, Triangle, Castenets and Door Bell. There is also the Traps Relay unit for all the traps that are played from the Accompaniment (first touch) keyboard.

The Surf completed the set of Traps.



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