The White Beast


Took around 12 months to build.

    Corbels and new panels fitted (under the stop rails).

    The most difficult task for me was to make the fancy scroll top. My dear wife drew the pattern and I jig-sawed and routed the edge.

    The new console has 360 controls and everything is within easy reach; and can be operated by hand or controlled by the system combination action.

    Second touch is available on the Great and Accomp Herrburger Brooks keyboards.

    The Octo-Flex control system for the console was supplied by http://www.artisanorgans.com/

    Stop Tabs SAMS and Pistons were supplied by Syndyne and Arndt Organ Supply Company L.L.C.

    The sample and relay control software was supplied by Milan Digital Audio  Hauptwerk  

    Below is a list of the instruments that are available in my Virtual Organ Installation.

    Connoisseur series 3/35  https://www.hauptwerk.com/instruments/    


    3/10, 3/20, 3/32, 3/41 & 4/50 Theatre Organs supplied by Paramount Organ Works

    3/31 Theatre Organ and The Virginia Wurlitzer supplied by Milan Digital Audio

    Freedom Morton 2/6; Freedom Morton 3/10; Freedom Morton 3/17;  Robert Morton Opus 2401 Original 3/12 - Empress Theatre, Columbus, Ohio

     Barton 3/7; Redford Barton 3/10.; Barton 3/12, supplied by  Save Virtual Organs

    Several Classical organs..

    Big Burea; Burea Church Original; Burea Choir;  Dluga Koscielna; University-of-Illinois-Buzard; Jorgensen 2M; Large Swedish Organ;
    Little Waldingfield; Pitea; St Augustine's Neutral Bay; Rotterdam  Laurenskerk Hoofdorgel; Kalvtrask Church.



Owen Jones

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This page brought to you by:
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