(5th & 13th September & 4th October 2018) (April2019)
(Update February 2020)

52 years to the month since the closure of the Great Central Railway London Extension from Annersley Junction to the north
of Nottingham to London Marylebone station. The line closed on the 3rd Sept. 1966.

1. Woodford Halse Railway Walk

2. Charwelton To Catesby Tunnel

3. Charwelton To Woodford Halse

4. Woodford Loco Depot To Charwelton Foot Path

5. Woodford Halse Goods Sidings & Brick Works (2019)

6. Woodford Halse Water Tower (New Feb. 2020)

7 Woodford West Junction To South Junction

8 Woodford West Junction Towards Byfield

9. Woodford South Junction To Culworth Junction

10. Woodford Halse Water Tank (New Feb. 2020) Video

11. Woodford Halse Model Railway Club (New Feb. 2020)  Video


http://theatreorgans.com/hammond/keng/kenhtml/Charwelton To Woodford Halse Rlwy Walks/Woodford Halse Water Tower January 1st.htm

Other railway walks:

The Dundee & Newtyle Rlwy Walks  Opened in 1831 the route had three inncline planes. The first was from
the terminal station on Ward Street, up the Dundee Law, where there was also a tunnel. The second was the
 Balbeuchley incline at Rosemill and the third at Hatton that ran down to Newtyle station. It was also the very
first passenger train service in Scotland. Worked by Horse over the levels until the first steam engine was
purchased in 1833. Came under the Caladonian Railway with it's terminal moved to Dundee West station.
Passengers service ended in 1952 and the line totally closed in the mid 60's. The inclines were by-passed in
the 1860's.

The Cromford & High Peak Incline railway in Derbyshire has been luckier in having much of it's buildings,
including an Engine House preserved. This is what could have happened with the D&N, indeed, should have
happened with at least one of the D&N inclines. However, the C&H gives an excellent comparison
of what the D&N would have looked like, albeit the inclines were only single track.

Boddam To Ellon Branch (Walks)   Ex GNSR branch line

Dyce To Fraserburgh and Peterhead Walks. Ex GNSR  

Bath To Wellow Rlwy Walks Ex Somerset & Dorset Rlwy.

Chippenham To Caln Walk.

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http://theatreorgans.com/hammond/keng/kenhtml/Charwelton To Woodford Halse Rlwy Walks.htm


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