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1885 - 1974

Tivoli Stage Doorman "Pop"

No theatre was complete without it's strict but every watchful doorman. They became guradians to artists and stagehands alike. They got to know everyone who came to the stagedoor
and would sort out those who would be a possible problem. One such doorman was the late Bill Rowson.  I remember Bill from way back and also during my time at the Tivoli. He was
strict but very fair and reliable. I enjoyed many chats with him. As well as looking after the Chorus he also looked after artists who may have serious drinking problems and would make
sure they were capable when arriving at the theatre. Bill would be just as devious as those who tried every way possible of sneeking drink into their dressing rooms and he didn't miss
a trick. The job was one of playing father and knowing human nature. He earned his
affectionate nickname of 'Pop'.

Bill with a Tivoli programme. Names I recognise is that of Billy Strutt, Danny Regan, 
Ken & Alan Haynes, The Four Kool Kats and The O' Duffy Brothers.

Bill with his wife Elizabeth

I am indebted to Graham Rowson, Bill's grandson for sending these photos and details of Bill and his wife. Graham writes:

My Grandfather was William Rowson and for many years he was a trumpeter in the Tivoli band and in his later years he was the stage door man.  His wife was a dresser also at the
Tivoli but died in 1949. He married Elizabeth Pont in 1913 in Aberdeen, anything before that was a mystery, although I do know that he was born in 1885 in Oldham.  Elizabeth was
born around the same time.  She also seems to have worked as a dresser to the stars at the Tivoli but I have no dates.  I think that he retired from the orchestra on medical grounds
but still continued with the music in the form of teaching others to play.



 A former Aberdeen musical personality has died in hospital aged 88. 

William ‘Pop’ Rowson worked at Aberdeen’s Tivoli Theatre for 50 years as a trumpeter and latterly as doorkeeper. 

‘Pop,’ as he was known in the theatre, came to Aberdeen as a young trumpeter from Lancashire looking for a temporary job.  But he became first trumpeter for the Tivoli – now a
bingo hall – and also scored music for many music hall stars who appeared at the theatre. 

After 31 years, a major operation forced him to give up music and he became doorkeeper and hallkeeper, a position he held until he retired in 1963. 

His wife Elizabeth, who died some years ago, was dresser at the same theatre for 41 years.  ‘Pop’, who lived at 42 Summerfield Terrace, died in Woodend Hospital.



Elizabeth Rowson Nee Pont. 

Memories of early variety in Aberdeen are recalled by the death yesterday of Mrs Elizabeth Rowson, 42 Castle Street, Aberdeen, who was connected with the Tivoli Theatre for
close on 40 years. 

Known as ‘Lizzie’ to hundreds of variety artists who have appeared at the Tivoli, she carried on a great family stage tradition started by her grandfather, who was scenic artist
at Robert Arthur’s Theatre, which existed many years ago in Marischal Street. 

Her father, the late Mr Robert Pont, who died a few years ago, was Property Master at Her Majsty’s Theatre. 

Mrs Rowson who, during her service at the Tivoli, dressed all the principal performers, was over 60 years of age and a native of Aberdeen. 

She is survived by her husband, Mr W Rowson, who prior to becoming stage door attendant at the Tivoli, was well-known in music circles, having played with the Tivoli
orchestra for thirty six years.  He was at one time bandmaster of the Aberdeen Military Band.


If anyone remembers Bill and Elizabeth and have any stories we would appreciate hearing from you.

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