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                                       Fay Lenore Dedication 2007


Pavilion Theatre, Rothesay, Isle Of Bute
13th - 15th July 2007

The Scottish Music Hall Society's weekend of exhibition and live Variety show was held at the Pavilion Theatre, Rothesay over the weekend July 13th-15th.   It was part of the 'ButeLive Festival', which included live shows throughout the week.

On the Friday evening I attended the 'Family Ceilidh', which was very entertaining, with music by The Bute Ceilidh Band. The theatre dance floor was used and adults and children thoroughly enjoyed themselves to many Folk dance styles Scottish & International, called out by the leader of the band. I enjoyed listening to the music and song.

On the Saturday afternoon prior to the Variety Show Duggie Chapman presented a film show entitled 'Turns', which was a magical two hours of film clips of great Music Hall stars from the 1930's and 40's. One or two clips were over 100 years old. Duggie was also a music hall star and appeared with a number of the old timers seen in the film collection. He included his own interesting and often amusing annecdotes to the films. If you ever see Duggie's show advertised anywhere do go along, you won't be disappointed. It was a great 2 hour show that set the 'nostalgia' mood for the evening's live show.

The live Variety Show was great fun. Johnny Beattie is still a great stand-up comic at 80 years old, and kept everyone chuckling and linking the following 'turns'.

Musician, Geoff Graham is an excellent instrumentalist playing great ballads, pops and Jazz numbers on the Clarinette and Saxophon. Hnd he was joined with Robert White, on the trumpet and along with the resident band 'The Alan Kitchen Trio, played really great tradional Jazz numbers. A highlight was a fantastic 'Jam Session' when they were accompanid by Joe Gordon. Geoff received fantastic response from his very first number but by the end of the Jam Session I think even he was amazed at the well-deserved acclaim by the audiance.

Scottish singer, Alexander Morrision has an excellent voice for both Scottish songs and Italian areas too. All the well-known favourites were presented from quiet refrain or great gusto.

Joe Gordon and his wife Sally Logan who have been a team for many years and very successful recording artists. They also sang Scottish songs and some light classical numbers. Sally really sand some real belters,while managing to keep their Joe started back in the late 50's with a Skiffle Group 'The Joe Gordon Folk Four'.  Remember 'Skiffle'!!!

 Sally's Sister, Anne Fields, or should that be the other way around! Anne has been on stage for over 60 years. My first aquaintance with Anne and her entertainment talants was back in 1952, when she was one of cast with the Jack Milroy Shows, which between 1952 and 53 became tghe longest running Summer shows at the Tivoli. Everyone of the cast the a  is even more well known and popular. She is over 70 now but she gave a rousing collection of old Cockney type Variety theatre numbers. So all together it made for a really great evening and how I wished that we could see such a show at the Aberdeen Tivoli in the near future. These are the types of shows the Tivoli was built for.

The Alan Kitchen Trio did an excellent job on backing all the artists and during their own 'turns'. I was impressed with Alan's piano playing and there was some very musical piano sections that came through even when simply part of the backing music. The Accordionist also gave a good performance with some  ver nice electric organ sounds when backing another artists.

The show was headed as an 'All Star' cast and it certainly lived up to that acclaim. Every artist would have been worthy of their own show and to have them all in one show was a real treat.

The Exhibition 'Those Variety Days' was very successful and attracted a good numer of people who enjoyed viewing the many posters and photos of well-known Scottrish artists and posters & programmes of shows from years gone by The  SM&VTS, also gained a few new members. 

Top Line, Left to Right: Jim Hastie, Billy Cameron & Irene Cameron, Vi Day and Colin Beach.
Second Line: Hamish Turner Dancers, Betty Bright & Lindsey Nolan, St Dennis Sisters and Benny Garcia.
Bottom line: Clarkeson & Leslie.

Top Line: Joe Gordon & Sally Logan, Robert Wilson, The Tartan lads, Christian and Cormac & Sharp.
Middle line: Joe Gordon And The Folk Four, Andy Stewart, Sydney Devine, Alexander Brothers and Glen Daley.
Bottom Line: Lena Zavaroni, Ann Williamson (Upper), Helen Randall (Lower), Ronnie Browne, Peter Morrison and Calum Kennedy.

Kenneth McKeller, Monte Rey, Moira Anderson and Neville Taylor.

Top Line: Tommy Morgan, Jack radcliffe, Alex Findley, Andy Cameron and Lex MacLean.
Middle Line: Johnny Victory, Jimmy Logan, Will Fyffe, Aly Wilson, Clarke & Murray and Jack Milroy.
Bottom line: The Krankies (Upper), Stanley Baxter, Rickie Fulton, Dean Park, Jack Anthony and Harry Gordon.

Alexander Morrison, Johnny Beattie, Geoff Graham and Anne Fields.
Lower: Joe Gordon & Sally Logan. All these artists appeared in the Hail Caledonia show.

Tivoli fans may remember Neville Taylor from the Jack Milroy Shows back in the 50's. Neville was at College and won a talant competition and then made a big hit with audiences with his singing of 'Cigarettes & Whiskey' and went on to become very successful. He was one of the all-coloured cast in '----- -----' at the Tivoli in 195?

Vi Day was a graceful and talanted Scottish dancer. It was sad to learn that Vi died earlier this year. You can see Vi dancing in the Video at Link 19, at the top and bottom of this page.

Wow! What a cast! The Alexander Brothers, Denny Willis, Clarke & Murray, Jack Milroy,
the Honey Birds, including a supporting cast. And for as little as 30p. Even the maximum 75p
represents fantastic value.

The final picture is of a fantastic montage of Scottish artists by Pedro and signed by many of the artists portrayed..

A really great weekend of live entertainment. We have all become so accustomed to recorded music and video that you really do forget just how great a live show looks and sounds.

With Many thanks to the SM&VTS Chairman, Derek Green and Secretary, Bob Bain for all the hard work involved in arranging this event and making it so successful.

Any additional information would be most welcome.

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                                       Doors Open Day 2006 (a)  Doors Open Day (b)  Doors Open Day 2006 (c)  Doors Open Day 2006 (d)
                                       Fay Lenore Dedication 2007

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