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14. 06. 2012  Rondo "The Griffin Years" By Bryon Young. (Link 43.)

15. 02. 2011 You Can't Be True, Dear and Love In Bloom mp3 tracks from the Spike Jones Show 1949 (Link 18)

22. 11. 11. N.B. New Internet address. See bottom of Home Page.

16. 08. 11 Royce (Doc) Brown. Bob Potts made contact with Royce and learned some news. Link 42.
                   Ken Griffin Compositions. This mp3 page has been made permanent at link 41

13. 08. 10 Discology updated. Most Columbia 78's added, including date of publication. Link 26. My thanks to Bryon Young for the link to the
                  web site showing Columbia recordings. Bryon's page has been updated to show this list and link, at Link 39. You may find this of
                  interest for other Columbia artists.
                  N.B. Link 28 is a blank link due to work not yet beings started on the Album photo collection. 

04. 01. 10. Eric Larson's report on the Dedication Show on the 27th December at Woburn, Massechusettes. Click on date or
                    go to the Home Page.

14.12.09. 28th Dec. 2009. The 100th Anniversary of Ken's Birth. 12 Christmas mp3 tracks by Ken Griffin and Eric Larson. Link on Home Page.
                  The 2009 Dedication Show takes place at the  North Suburban Home Organ Society  Center in Woburn, near Boston, Massachusettes on the
                  20th of December. We would like to wish Eric and everyone involved a very successful day. Sorry that I couldn't be there this year. Link at top of
                  Home page, or click on the '2009' link above.

01. 10. 09. Marjorie Meinert: It was sad to receive the news from Bryon Young that Marjorie passed away on Saturday the 29th of August at 88 years old.
                                                       Click on Marjorie's name to go to the report, which has been entered in Marjorie's page on our web site.

20. 07. 09. Home Page rearranged. Links renumbered. Ken's Discography (26), Ken's Record Covers (27) and W.I.P Ken's
                    Record Lables (28). Marjorie Meinert link now at (29).

14. 07. 09.   Bruce Mclean sent this interesting link, which includes a mention of Ken. Click on the date to go to the Latest
                      News page link.

14.  07.  09.  Bruce Mclean sent this interesting link, which includes a mention of Ken. Click on the date to go to the
                       Latest News page link.

09. 07. 09.  Ken's Record Covers. Click on date.

30. 06. 09.  New Discography of Ken's records. Click on Date

31. 05. 09.   Found an interesting web site with information and photographs of Marjorie Meinert when she worked at
                      the WOC Radio & TV stations in Iowa. Click on the date to go to the page which is in Frank Pugno's
                      'Electronic Organs' section (Link 32).

25.  05.  09. New REXX 334.double CD "Drifting & Dreaming" available from June 22nd. Click on date. Price: 8.95
                      N.B.   This is not a Jasmine CD as first mentioned.

16.  05.  09.
On the Home page you will find the two latest mp3's by Ken of Golden sails and You Didn't Want Me When You had Me with vocalists Jerry Wayne & Johnny Hill. Both Rondo recordings.

On the Latest News Page is one of the few colour photo of Ken, taken from the Philip's E.P (Produced in Holland) Hammond Rythm, which I purchased off Ebay back in February. You will find the EP added to my collection at Extended Play .

Also, with thanks to Wilfred Hosteland for what is believed to the last photo ever taken of Ken, only days from his death. Ken was appearing at a Ladies' Group gathering. Also included are photographs of Ken's flat in Chicago where he lived. It was from the flat number 1617 that Ken took the 6 & 7 to form the name of his 1954 TV show 67 Melody Lane. The colour photo wa staken in this falt as was the one on the Columbia LP The Organ Plays At Christmas. 

Seven new mp3 tracks by Eric have been added to his Eric Larson Page  These are; Diesel Train Boogie, Rose Room,
Beautiful Ohio, Button Up Your Overcoat and Tico, Tico, which are all on the Hammond. Two tracks Take Five and Satin Doll, which are from two of the Ken Griffin Dedication Shows and played on the Rogers George Wright Signalture organ.

27. 08. 08.  A report on the 2008 Dedication Show, which took place The North Suburban Home Organ Society, Woburn, Boston, Massachussettes. Click on  the deate on the left or gpo to the Hoime Page link. Scroll down page report to view the photos.

25. 08. 08. A few new links to internet information about Sterling Yates, Johnny Costa. At link 9.  With thanks to Louis Doutt from Waynesburg, PA
The New CD set 'Skate On' has become one of Jasmine's best sellers of 2008. A new CD is on the cards.
Two mp3 tracks by Ken are available on the Home Page. If I Had You and The Shades Are Down On Cobble Street. Both with vocals.
into Alan Ashton's Internet Radio Organ Show on the 1st September, where he introduces Eric Larson by playing two of Eric's recordings. Click on Alan's name to go directly to the link.
I have also added two additional tracks to Eric's web page, at the link at the botton of this page along with my personal web sites.

27. 07. 08. Two new mp3's on the Home Page. Music, Music, Music and My Life's Story.
Three new photos of Ken has been added to Link 22, below.
The sales of the New CD set 'Skate On' has been excellent.
A new page dedicated to Eric Larson is added and can be found at the list of my Personal web sites at the botton of this Home Page There are ten mp3's by Eric on the Hammond and Wurlitzer Electrostatic and two tracks on the Alan Organ.
The Dedication Show in Boston on the 20th July was very successful. I hope to have a report and some photos very soon.

04. 04. 08. "Skate On" tw-CD Set available from 16th of May 2008. 52 great tracks.

07. 04. 08. A New organ CD source. The Historical Recording Company This is run by Robert Ridgeway who has recently retired from the Sanfillipo Estate where he worked for many years on preserving the mighty Sanfillipo Wurlitzer Organ and hundreds of mechanical musical instruments and all types of Funfare machines. Robert was in charge of the recording of live performances on the Wurlitzer which many well-known organists played and there is a wealth of fine recordings available.

03. 04. 08. News of a new 2-CD set of Ken's recordings on Internet Radio Organ programme by Alan Ashton.

As our News page continues to grow, it also becomes a bit top heavy and longer to download. This 'secondary-Home Page' has been formed to help you find individual items easier and pages with graphics to download faster. The latest news and updates also have their own 'link, which you can go to first and catch up with all the latest articles. The news page also includes the list of dealers and Internet sites where you can purchase Ken's records.

N.B. The Geoff  Wellbank and Audrey (In Memory) have been moved to links at the bottom of this page.
As the The Latest News Page expands it requires to be reduced to save time on opening the page.

22. 01. 08. Signed copy of You Can't be True, Dear Music Sheet

(11. 11. 2007) Report on the latest Ken Griffin Dedication Show at Woburn, Boston, Massachussettes on Sunday 28th November. Included many photos, including the transport of Ken's Hammond AV from Main to the Woburn venu, pictures of everyone involved and the audiance. Also included a little-seen advert with Ken Griffin and Ann Gilbert at the Hammond AV that was made for pre-publicity when he was travelling or appearing on TV. Another great Dedication Show with lots of that great 'Griffin Sound'. Go directly to the report at: Woburn Report.

Another Dedication Show is planned for Woburn next year but it is also hoped that there will also0 be another Dedication Show in Chicago around the same time, so watch thes epages for the latest news on these events.

Latest mp3's by Ken, for your enjoyment. Our Christmas Waltz and Star Of The East. From a Rondo 78. Link on Home Page

For The latest addition to my record collection, apart from the above 78 is the 12" Rondo LP "Christmas Organ" by Ken. You will find this on the 12" record list at Link 6.


15. 06. 07. Frank Pugno has added a new page to his Electronic Organ Makes section. An interesting article on the Roger Organs. (Link 31).

The latest mp3 tracks by Ken are, Jolly Peter and Dreamer of Dreams. On the Home Page. However, the two tracks of 'Litle Prayers For Little People' have been retained and can be found at Link 33, on the Home Page.

This years' Dedication Show is to be held in Boston on the 28th of October. More information and on-line booking can be found on the Home Page.

14. 04. 07.  Ken's sister Virginia died on the 13th of April 2007. She was in her 90's. (link 20))

14. 04. 07. There was a very interesting find on Ebay when Andy Antonczyk won the bid for a 1950 Rondo
                    recording by Ken "Little Prayers For Little People. It's a very unique recording and a great
                    addition to our collection of Ken's work.
Latest News Page (On Home Page).

15. 03. 07. Three 78's (Rondo, Columbia and Broadcast) added to collection on 78rpm Page (Link 3)  A
                    present from Sally White.

09. 11. 06.  October Dedication Show Report. Home Page (Includes a Robert Ridgeway CD Appeal).
                     50th Anniversary Graveside Service and response pages added to Link 22.
                     Rondo 128. The original Rondo 78rpm of You Can't Be True, Dear and Cuckoo Waltz added to
                     the 78rpm page (link 3).  A present from Andy Antonczyk, which I managed to bring back
                     on the plane from Chicago as hand luggage, without damage!. A very welcome addition.
                     See Latest News page.
                     Sanfilippo Estate Page (Link33). Nine new pages added, with
                     pictures from my latest visit in October 2006. Link from the bottom of the present first page
                     (Link 33).
                    Tivoli Memories updated. Report on attending the 80th Birthday Celebration party on
                     behalf of Scottish Comedian Johnny Beattie, in Glasgow. (Story & Pictures).
                     Kittybrewster Memories updated. New sections added, with pictures.
13. 05. 06.
October Dedication Show On (Home Page Link)
19. 04. 06.
Ken 1955 Wurlitzer Electrostatic Advert (Latest News Page)
17. 02, 06.
Lenny Dee Dedication page (Link 30).
26. 01. 06. 
Ken Griffin Master Discs Found (Link 36).
24. 12. 05.
  Commemorative page to Phil Gunsul at link 35 on the Home Page. Phil was  first person to
                     start a Ken Griffin Dedication web site on the internet.
23. 06. 05.
My Family Tree web pages are now working and I have added direct hyperlinks to the
                    'Tivoli' & 'Kittybrewster' Memories pages, but all these pages are linked within the Family
                    Tree pages. The links are at the bottom of the Home Page.


This is now a separate page directly linked from the Home Page.

N.B. Earlier Communications Page moved to Link 21 on Home Page



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