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In Memory of George Wright
August 28, 1920-May 10, 1998

George Wright NY Times Obit

Visit the George Wright Memorial Page we are assembling. If you have any interesting anecdotes or information, pictures, etc of George Wright, Email the Webmaster.

Two Newly Released Recordings of George Wright Available Now!

Salon and The Genius of George Wright/More George Wright

Neat Organ Stuff

  • Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA (Wurlitzer going in)

  • Rodgers Organ Users Group - Midi Files, Discussions

  • The Official Website of the Joliet Area Theatre Organ Enthusiasts a chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society

  • Organs in the Movies, updated by Graziano Fronzuto

  • Vintage Organs of Atlanta and Houston's Web Page and Sponsor

  • Updated 3/5/01 John Durgan's Kimball, Jackson, MS

  • The pipe organ Hal Stoddard is building in his barn in Utah

  • Timothy Kirkpatrick's Devtronix Paramount Organ, Concord, CA

  • The Ottawa Valley Theatre Organ Society Organ Robert-Morton, O'Brien Theatre, Renfrew Ontario.

  • A collector of sheet music left his vast collection to the MSU - ragtime, blues, show tunes, Irving Berlin tunes, foxtrots, movie tunes, etc. The University has begun putting a selection of this sheet music on line

  • Duke University Sheet Music Collection Online

  • John Hopkins University Sheet Music Online

  • Leight Pipe Organs & Pianos, Tenants Harbor, Maine

  • In Memory of Dr. John Nagle

  • Bob Ralston, organist on the Lawrence Welk Show, continues delighting audiences around the nation

  • New ALLEN GW4 Custom Four-Manual in a French Console, Konocti Bay Harbor, California

  • Bart Kleineweber of Chicago 2/9 classical organ hybrid built over the last two years from parts found on the Theatre Organ Home Page

  • Brand New CD Release Definitive Theatre Organ by Jonas Nordwall

  • Sierra Chapter, ATOS, Located near Sacramento, CA

  • A Wonderful write up and Discography of Ken Griffin by Bill Reid

  • Bob and Joyce Clifford's New GW-4, Sacramento, CA

  • Theatre Organs Under the Southern Cross (South of Equator)

  • The MIGHTY WURLITZER in Berlin by Rainer Siebert

  • Buffalo Area Theatre Organ Society Home Page Debut By Joe McCabe

  • Central Ohio Theatre Organ Society Home Page Debut By John Burns

  • Roaring 20's Pizza and Pipes, Ellenton, FL by Jeff Cushing

  • Gary Biecks New Organ:Opus #1700 a 2/6 style "DX" Wurlitzer from the Grand Theatre in Malone, New York

  • Lockport Theatre Organ Society in Lockport, New York Web Page

  • Roxy's Pipe Organ Pizzera Kimball, Las Vegas or On the Move with Dave Wickerham

  • WXLN Radio, Rockville, MD Moller article

  • The Sandusky State Theatre Page comes home Story by Greg McDonald

  • Burien Mansion Kilgen, near Seattle Story by

  • Oral Roberts University Versatile Wicks Organ

  • Letter from R.H. Jones to Cornell University by Joseph McCabe

  • The Organs of All Saints Catholic, Buffalo NY by Joseph McCabe

  • Memories of the Travelling Moller Theatre Organ by Jon C. Habermaas

  • The Kautz Alhambra Theatre Pipe Organ at Ironstone Vineyards, California

  • 2/11 WurliTzer Opus rj6 In Its ORIGINAL INSTALLATION, Salem, NJ

  • Travel With 'Bill' Irwin To the Caister-on-Sea ''Keyboard Cavalcade'' Organ Festival

  • Paramount Theatre of Glenn Falls, New York, now private residence organ

    This Ken Crome Replica of the Brooklyn Paramount WurliTzer Console

    Is moving with 46 ranks and toys to it's new home in Cleveland, Ohio
    See It Here!

  • Duane Austin's 2/14 Barton, Beloit, WI

  • Shea's Buffalo Theater Mighty WurliTzer

  • Republic of West Florida Historical Association's Ongoing Restoration-
    Wurlitzer 2/10 organ in Jackson, LA

  • Bound Brook NJ Theatre, Nearly Refinished Wurlitzer Ruined in Flood

  • Chris Johnston's Home page, including Home Pipes Installation

  • Charles Viner Organs of Old

  • Kevin Cartwright's Residence Organ (Wicks)

  • NOR-CAL Theatre Organ Society debutes their Home Page on

  • A Wurlitzer Trem, What's in these things anyway?

  • A Wicks Theatre Organ from the Factory

  • Palace Theatre Organ, 3/7 Robert Morton, Lake Placid, NY

  • Proctor Theatre WurliTzer 3/18 Theatre Organ, Schnectady, NY

  • Capitol 3/7 Möller Theatre Organ, Rome, NY

  • The JayHawk Theatre, Topeka, Kansas Page Debuts With Organ Info

  • Updated Tales on George, on the George Wright Memorial Page

  • Pizza & Pipes in Tacoma Burns Down 8/3/99 (8/12)

  • Utica New York Theatre Organ Society & 3/13 WurliTzer
  • Randy Anderson's Home Installation of Opus 2086
  • The Kentucky Wurlitzer Project
  • Leslie Speakers and Hammond Organs Rumors, Myths, Facts, and Lore, by Harvey Olson
  • WurliTzer Installation, Amaturo Theatre, Ft. Lauderdale, FL(6/25)
  • Theatre Organ Society of San Diego (TOSSD) 4/24 Wurlitzer Story (6/23)
  • An old Hammond Locking Top Consoles Owner's Manual (6/19)
  • The Chicago Stadium Barton Lives Again, revisited (6/15)
  • Alastair Disley's Pipe Organ Page- A Virtual Pipe Organ (5/31)
  • Theatre Organ Society of the Delaware Valley Home Page (4/30)
  • House on the Rock, Spring Green, WI Updated!(3/30)
  • 4/20 Wurlitzer of Castle North, Manitowoc, WI(3/27)
  • Pete Hansen's 2/9 Barton, Oshkosh, WI (3/22)
  • Jim Petersen's 3/13 Wurlitzer, Menomonee Falls, WI(3/17)
  • Devtronix ''Paramount'' organ in Scottsdale, AZ (3/16)
  • First Allen GW-319 to the United Kingdom(3/16)
  • Mike McDonalds Link/Wurlitzer Home Organ- Centralia, WA (3/15)
  • Free State Theatre Organ Society's 2/7(+) Robert Morton (Wicks), Baltimore, MD (3/15)
  • Gary Bieck's "Wurlygrin", Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin (3/15)
  • 3/11 Wurlitzer at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Bristol, TN (3/14)
  • 2/8 Robert Morton at the Carolina Theatre, Lumberton, NC (3/14)
  • Moller/Steere Organ, Recital Hall and Show Room of Rodgers' Piano, NorthEast, PA (3/9)
  • The Schlieter's Mammoth Moller, Waukesha, WI (3/2)
  • R. James Patrick's Hazelton-Spec'd Allen, Queensland, Australia (2/25)
  • Jack Darr's George Wright Signature Edition Renaissance(TM) Organ Updated Photos(2/25)
  • Roosevelt Memorial Park: Gardena, California's Wurlitzer Outdoor Pipe Organ(2/23)
  • Andrew's 1928 Wurlitzer, Cleveland, OH (1/14)

    Dobson Pipe Organ Builders Lake City, Iowa, Builders of Mechanical Action Pipe Organs

    2000 Year History of the Pipe Organ

    Walker "Digital Unit Orchestra" Website-The New Walker Digital Theatre Organs

    Virtual Sheet Music Online, Download sheet music

    U.K. Based OrganFax Lots of Organ information

    Vintage Hammond Church Organs, Houston, TX

    DeBence Music World, lots of Nickelodeons and other Antique Musical Instruments

    The Leather Supply House, for releathering your organ

    Richard Tener Method Lessons: Learn to Play the Organ by Correspondence

    Schober Organ Orphans' Page

    Museum of Church Organs

    Pipe Organs and Music Page

    Organ Times Magazine Home Page

    Organ Supply Industries Home Page


    ZTRONICS Multiplex Relays

    A Genuine Hammond Organ that weighs only 4 lb.

    "King of Instruments No Longer?" Has AIDS thinned the Ranks? NY Times Article about the Organ

    The Visser-Roland Organ Company Home Page, Houston, TX

    The Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society

    Classic Organ Works, a division of Artisan Classic Organ Inc.

    Link to The Official ATOS Home Page

    Organ Recordings and CD's Now Purchase Your Favorites ONLINE!

    NEW & GREAT Goff Professional (HAMMOND!) Home Page

    Home of Mighty Pipes Broadcast on the Airwaves via NPR

    Includes Program Schedules and Playlists

    Electronic Organ Builder's Reference

    Need Tubes for that Organ? Try Vintage Hammond

    Vintage Hammond: Organ Tubes for all Organs

    Musical Instrument Technicians Association, International - Don't Miss This!
    Includes many links to part houses, etc

    New and Old Hammond Models- All kinds of pix

    Hammond Organ Stylings- Memory Lane....Remember Ethel Smith?

    The Hammond XB-2 Technical Information Exchange
    Updated Jan 1998 by Dave Fisher ~

    R. A. Daffer Church Organs, Inc. of Jessup, MD (includes Used Organ Listings)

    Randall Wolfe's Amazing Organ Adventure

    Information on the American Theatre Organ Society & "Theatre Organ" the official journal of the ATOS

    All about Reed Organs: Excellent Site: The Reed Organ Home Page

    Wurlitzer in a Piano Box Opus 471, Model 160C

    George Wright Model Allen

    The New Allen George Wright Signature Model is Introduced! Go to Allen's Home Page to see more information

    Organ Wallpaper for your Windows computer


    The Old Wurlitzer Factory as it looked in 1996

    Feature Organs of the Theatre Organ Home Page

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  • Joost Visser's Dutch Hammond Organ Site (12/30)
  • Books About Organs (12/26)
  • Oaks Park Wurlitzer Organ Page, Portland, OR (11/20)
  • The Hammond X66 Pages By Nestor Astorga (11/12)
  • Seminary Auditorium Theatre Organ at The University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Il (11/11)
  • Theatre Organ Stylings- Compilation in re: How-To of Theatre Playing Style (11/7)
  • Oriental Theatre Kimball, Milwaukee, WI (11/6)
  • The WLW Organ, Cincinnati, Revisited- Moon River tapes now available (10/23)
  • Searchable Database of CURRENT THEATRE ORGAN INSTALLATIONS (10/6)
  • The New Theatreorgans-L Mailing List for Theatre Organ Lovers (10/02)
  • Temple Theatre Organ Club, Saginaw, Michigan (9/18)
  • The North East Theatre Organ Association Home Page, Howden-le-Wear, Durham, U.K.(8/18)
  • Movies with Organs, Add to this list as we compile a list of movies that contain organs. (8/17)
  • The Ironwood Michigan 2/7 Barton Gets a Visit (8/14)
  • Daniel Hopkins' Tracker Organ, Lockeport, NS (8/14)
  • Wurlitzer Opus 2027 Goes Down Under (8/13)
  • The George Wright Memorial Page (7/14)
  • Jonathan Orwig's Interesting Organs from Around the World(7/14)
  • Sanfilippo, more pix, Revisited (7/17)
  • Syracuse, NY, State Fairgrounds Wurlitzer(7/5)
  • Searchable Database of Original Theatre Organ Installations (7/3)
  • Puget Sound Theatre Organ Society, Seattle, WA Launches Homepage (7/3)
  • Houston Area Theatre Organ Society: Wurlitzer in HCC Auditorium(7/13)
  • The Fullerton College Louis E. Plummer Auditorium Revisited (7/13)
  • Robert-Morton 2/6 Hattiesburg, MS 1932(7/13)
  • R.A. Daffer Organs of Tidewater Page (7/12)
  • Craig Boswell of Warwick, England, Recording Artist & Organist (7/15)

    The Grand Chicago Stadium Barton Plays Again
    by Tim Rickman


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